Tips To Choose The Right Rehab Facility

About Us

We set up our online portal in the year 2000, with a few primary goals, To provide help and information to those struggling with abuse and addiction problems. To help to find rehab centers and to provide a link to those looking for centers. To build a database with information about places and centers which will provide such services. We believe that by raising awareness about various programs that are available, we will be providing a service to people and their families.

We are in this acting completely as an agent that is connecting the people to service providers. We do not claim to be medical advisors and hence if you are looking for a rehab center, make sure you get your doctor’s approval and then use our services. We are here as people who will supplement the advice you will get from the medical professionals.

Our mission:

We aim to collect data about existing programs for de-addiction, abuse, rehabilitation and so on. The data that we plan to collect will be done using surveys and we will use some of the best techniques and tools to rate them on basis of the quality of service and success.

Some of the best in the industry have joined hands with us to publish articles and information which will help people in understanding the problems and arrive at solutions. In addition to the regular information, we will also keep you up-to-date about innovative programs and techniques used to treat people with different addictions. We have created a community online for people with addictions and how they have come out of such addictions. Being part of this online community will help you to find the right solutions in time. We also aim to build such communities for service providers so they can also constantly assess themselves and the services.


Standards of the Center

: It does not matter how long your stay will be at the rehab center, you should ensure that the rehab has all the licenses and permissions in place.

Custom Treatment

Your requirement may be unique and therefore you may need to enquire if they offer services which can be tailored to suit your needs.

Medical Help

It is extremely critical to understand if there will be medical assistance available 24/7. While most centers will have medical professionals


whether it is you who will be using or it is a family member, knowing the available locations will help you to pick the one that is most convenient for you.

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Displaying the Result

Also, it depends on what kind of location you prefer. If you need more quiet settings for a little introspection, then there are countless options available which offer serene and picturesque surroundings.